The „Christlicher Jugendhof“ (CJH) in Kreuzfeld is a Christ centered, interdenominational Christian guesthouse.
It is a meeting-point for Christians from all over the world, who want to hear the gospel, study the word of God and enjoy Christian
fellowship while travelling through Europe.

The CJH offers a variety of different types of reasonably prized accommodations. (Students can pay partly by working).
The place is just a short drive from the Baltic Sea as well as the historical, famous cities of Hamburg, Luebeck and Kiel. From here there is easy access by
ferry to the UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and by train to the capital Berlin and other European countries.

An English-speaking crew runs this place :
Pastor Dagobert and Dr. Gudrun Wagner

For further informations make use of our E-Mail-Adress or phone call.

Christlicher Jugendhof Ostholstein e.V.
23714 Kreuzfeld / Germany


phone : 049 / 4523 / 3646 or private 2310